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In October 2011, a group of eight major European cookstove implementers met at the GIZ headquarters in Eschborn. The initiative, spearheaded by GIZ and Practical Action, was to identify areas of work where co-ordinated action could lead to greater impacts on poverty alleviation through improved energy access. This group wishes to represent all European organisations, and identify where they could work together on a global stage to best advantage – for example, in seeking European funding. The group endorsed the GACC’s aim of getting an additional 100 million households using efficient and clean-burning cookstoves and clean cooking fuels by 2020 through a range of activities including:

Implementation and Research

  • Involving those living in poverty, and responding to their aspirations
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate household cooking solutions
  • Promoting more fuel-efficient and cleaner technologies
  • Promoting a shift towards cleaner and more efficient modern fuels


  • Encouraging bilateral and multilateral donors to make funding available
  • Instigating alternative financial mechanisms for scaling up initiatives

Awareness-raising and Capacity Building

  • Addressing the lack of information among affected households
  • Integrating household energy information into formal education curricula


  • Improving data collection on supply, consumption, user perceptions, health and social impacts

Policy and Regulation

  • Encouraging developing countries to review their relevant national policies
  • Encouraging policy-makers to prioritise access to cooking energy
  • Supporting national partners to help develop regulatory frameworks

The group statement tendered a request to the EU to put access to improved household energy higher on their agenda through increasing the allocation of EU Energy Access funds into transforming the cooking energy sector (read the publication compiled by HEDON).


If you are a European cookstoves implementer and would like to include your work in this document, please contact us directly for a template and further information. If you belong to a different region of the world and would like a similar section on the HEDON site, please contact us.


The European Cookstove Implementers Group consists of Ashden, BSH, ENERGIA, Geres, GIZ, GVEP International, HEDON Household Energy Network, Practical Action, Shell Foundation, and SNV.


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