DGIS - Netherlands Directorate-General of Development Cooperation
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Origin of funds

Netherlands Government


The Climate, Energy, and Environmental Technology Division of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs administers Dutch development assistance in the field of energy. Assistance is guided by three principles: equity, environmental sustainability, and economic growth.

As from January 2005, DGIS will be supporting the GVEP? Global Action Programs (GAP) Fund - see the HEDON News item here.

Main form of support

Grant or Subsidy

Typical budget size

4billion euros a year

Support type

Technical assistance, Social development,

Countries of operation

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, India, Yemen, Macedonia, Mali, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, Palestilian Areas, Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia

Main target groups

NGOs, Education, Research, Consultants, Industry,

General conditions

Focus of energy policies is the support of renewable energies, energy efficiency, and rural energy. Emphasis is placed on an end-use approach, capacity building, environmental sustainability, and market development. A wide array of policy instruments have been used to implement sustainable energy policies: bilateral programmes, regional co-operation, international initiatives, and the clean development mechanism (CDM), and a tied-aid programme (see ORET/MILIEV).

Example projects

Bilateral programmes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have implemented renewable (wind solar, biomass, biogas, and mini-hydro), DSM, energy efficiency, and rural de-velopment projects. Renewable energy activities (18 MECU in 1997) incorporate capacity building, institutional development, rural development, and market development aspects, including support for on-lending schemes. In the period 1995-1997 Netherlands Development Co-operation funded 97 energy projects, 27 concerning renewables and 31 concerning energy conservation (ETC Netherlands, 1998).


This profile, based on initial information contributed by Eco Ltd?, was updated within the framework of the Sparknet-old? project supported by the European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme.

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