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HEDON has over 4000 active members with diverse backgrounds including: practitioners, policy-makers, funders, business-owners and academics. This database has restricted access, you must first be signed up as a member. But, becoming a member is free, you can join us here.
"We got platform to share our achievements and also answers for lots of queries as there are lots of other members who had helped us. Sharing of information is one of the advantages we got from this forum. Besides it's very advantageous to be in a Network, to be updated to what other friends are doing in different part of the world in the same field."
Pawan Kumar Shrestha, Executive Director, STARIC Pvt. Ltd., Nepal


Looking for help from a organisation? Want to expose your company or charity to our large network of members? Why not take a look through our organisations database? We have hundreds of energy and development focused organisations listed here, so be sure to add yours and begin networking today.


A detailed database of numerous household energy projects run by organisations and individuals, both past and present, in developing countries all around the world. Be sure to add yours to the list, spread the word to others of what you're doing, and gain valuable knowledge of other activities.

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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