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Cooking, lighting, smoke and pollution. Established in April 2007, CleanAirSIG connects all those engaged in indoor air quality and household energy in developing countries.

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Conference July 2007

"Taking ACTION to rid the world of Indoor Air Pollution"

As part of the launch of the CleanAirSIG, HEDON and Practical Action? held a two-week online conference on kitchen smoke alleviation.

The topics covered included:
  • Community projects & Integrated programmes
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Technology development, commercialisation & enterprise
  • Policy action
  • Knowledge sharing and networking
  • What are the next steps?

This conference is an output from a project ‘ Researching pathways to scaling up sustainable and effective kitchen smoke alleviation’ funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID-old?) to whom we express our thanks. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the DFID. CleanAirSIG is made possible with the kind support of the Shell Foundation? (

What is an e-conference?

An e-conference is one which will be held online via the internet (without any travelling or meeting face to face). While a physical meeting is certainly to be preferred, the online format allows for greater flexibility, much lower costs, and wider involvement of stakeholders. Another advantage is that people can 'attend' the conference while continuing their normal work, dedicating an hour or two to the conference early morning or each evening for example. Our e-conference took place by email, supported by papers and other documentation to be made available on our website. After the conference, proceedings were prepared and circulated via the CleanAirSIG web pages.

Participation in our e-conferences is free, and no travelling or accommodation was needed. We invited submission of short relevant papers, and we welcomed contributions (in the form of notes / questions / suggestions) during discussions.

Papers and Proceedings

Read the e-conference proceedings here(pdf link) or download the papers below:

July 16-17 Community projects & integrated programmes

July 18-19 Monitoring and evaluation

July 20-22-23 Technology development, commercialisation & enterprise

July 24-25 Knowledge sharing and networking

July 26-27 Policy action - What are the next steps?

Discussion documents and resources

Questions and Comments

Email Liz Bates on

E-Conference Evaluation Results

Read the results of the responses to the evaluation forms here(pdf link).

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