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Greenhouse gas emissions reduction, carbon sequestration, and climate adaptation. For those working to create a sustainable environment that benefits those living in poverty.

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In November 2005, a Cooking and Carbon Expert Workshop was held at the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University, UK. Minutes of this meeting can be found here.
One of the key outcomes of this workshop was the need for more joined up working on the issues of climate change associated with biomass use (particularly household energy), if those living in poverty are to benefit from carbon emission reduction initiatives. HEDON Household Energy Network was charged with developing a community of practice to facilitate this process. This ‘Special Interest Group’ – known as ‘CarbonSIG’, was the first Special Interest Group to be formed within HEDON household energy network and started on September 4th, 2006.


CarbonSIG specifically aims to:
  • Connect people and organisations working on household energy and carbon emission reduction, sequestration and adaptation to climate change
  • Support high quality business, government and NGO networking
  • Foster co-ordination and collaboration leading to the creation of new knowledge and ultimately improved household energy provision
  • Support information exchange on carbon emission reduction, carbon sequestration, and climate adaptation in the household energy sector.


CarbonSIG connects members from around the world through an email discussion list. Members have access to the list archives and other member resources.
  • Online e-conference January 2008: Over 100 CarbonSIG members took part in a two week online conference - Read more here
  • Previous discussions have focused on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and preparation of messages for the Nairobi COP12/MOP2 meeting (Nov 2006). See the HEDON news article here.
  • Phillips DAP also released a call for Expressions of Interest for carbon services for their newly developed woodstove via the CarbonSIG email list.

Learn more about the three main topics covered by CarbonSIG:


See the CarbonSIG glossary here (under development, contributions welcomed!)


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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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