Christian Intermediate Technology Centre (CITC)
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Description of Organisation

The ACK Diocese of Eldoret founded the training centre, in 1991 with the assistance of the Protestant Association for Development from Germany. It is a Project of Eldoret Region, Christian Community Services, the development arm of the Church.

Mission Statement

The centre is established in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ to provide vocational and technical training in the fields of industry, commerce or any other relevant disciplines, for young and particularly needy people in Kenya or elsewhere. The training shall equip and prepare the youth physically, mentally and spiritually so as to take their rightful place in the society and to earn gainful and decent livelihoods in commerce and industry or other fields either in wage self-employment.

The Centre shall seek to empower its graduates to be self-employed. It is further established to innovate and disseminate appropriate technologies to the rural people of Kenya or elsewhere through production and value adding techniques. CITC Production Unit will give cognisance the important aspects of sustainability, conservation of environment, natural resource base and human health.

Approach, organisational programmes and activities:

Current Energy Activities

  1. Promotion, construction and provision of extension services for
  2. *Biogas plants.
  3. *Fuel saving stoves ideal for homes and institutions
  4. *Baking ovens
  5. Provision of credit facilities for renewable energy technologies.
  6. Provision of conference facilities to train beneficiaries on the better use and maintenance of Energy Products.

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