Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective (AIREC) Cooking Energy Service Decision Support Tool

by Dr Priyadarshini Karve

Samuchit Enviro Tech

Issue: 69

Journal section: Toolkit
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Received: 2017-12-10

Accepted: 2017-12-10


Decisions related to investments and technology development in biomass (solid, liquid, and gaseous) and solar cooking sectors are often driven by health and environmental considerations. The perspectives and needs of the users – cooks, heads of household who make the buying decisions, and family members – are often ignored. Rural consumers in the developing world are increasingly attracted to ‘modern’ cooking solutions, such as those based on liquid petroleum gas, natural gas or electricity. Many own multiple cooking energy devices, either purchased or donated to them, but with the traditional solid biomass fueled cook stove continuing to be the primary technology in daily use.
The criteria that are most important to the users must feature prominently in the selection of technology, fuel, design, and dissemination mechanism for cooking energy services delivery. In order to integrate the opinions and preferences of the users into decisionmaking processes and incentives for clean cooking energy, the Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective (AIREC) has developed the Cooking Energy Service Decision Support tool. The tool helps select technologies that meet environmental and health considerations as well as utility considerations prioritised by the users. In addition, as there is no simple way to evaluate all the various technologies available on a comparative scale, in an objective and technology-neutral manner, the tool addresses this lacuna.


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