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Open Issue

Boiling Point 62

Access to Finance: Subsidies, Investments and Carbon Funding

Deadline for submissions:

31 March 2013

Front Cover Photo Competition

Have your photo on the front cover of this Issue. We are looking for a full colour photograph that illustrates the current theme. To participate in the photo context join the HEDON Flickr group.

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Table of Contents

Theme Articles

Global crowd funding to increase accessibility for small-scale biodigester projects

Authors: Alexander Eaton Rachel Smith Humza Arshad Paul Ricketts,
Sistema Biobolsa installs anaerobic digestion systems in small to medium scale farms throughout Mexico and across Latin America and the Caribbean. These systems provide a wide range of benefits... [more]

Promotion of improved cookstove use in Nepal: A case study on accessing carbon revenue through a national level voluntary carbon market


Scaling up household energy projects through climate and carbon finance: The potential of regional incubation facilities


Creating ecosystems of change by inspiring custodianship for the environment

Authors: Vijay Bhaskar Sudeshna Mukherjee
Mlinda’s electrification model is anchored in a partnership with the National Bank for Rural Development (NABARD) to develop a financial tool for ‘bottom of the pyramid’ (BoP) communities to... [more]

Voluntary carbon offsetting: A growth market

Authors: Olivier Levallois
The voluntary carbon market has been designed to finance the difference in cost or profitability between a clean and a traditional technology. In operation for several years, it has helped small,... [more]

General Articles

How to make a Heat Retention Box

Authors: Sjoerd Nienhuys
This article presents a new way of cooking food in regions with fuel shortages. The Heat Retention Box (HRB) works on the principles of thermal insulation. Food is heated up using the traditional... [more]

Energy generation from anaerobic digestion of household waste: Proposed technology package


Locally manufactured open source hardware small wind turbines for rural electrification

Authors: K. Latoufis, A. Gravas, G. Messinis, N. Hatziargyriou
This paper investigates the use of open source hardware small wind turbines for rural electrification purposes. The technology provides the ability to locally manufacture small wind turbines,... [more]

News Section

Boiling Point readership

Authors: Mohamed Allapitchai
A paper questionnaire was sent to all readers receiving the printed version of Boiling Point 61. A slightly larger questionnaire including questions on some of the web-based information resources... [more]

GIZ News

Authors: Katja Diembeck
Gaining Momentum - but what to do about it? Clean cooking has made it back on the international agenda. At the International Cooking Energy Forum held from 26th to 28th of June in Bonn, Germany,... [more]

Nexus-Carbon for Development News

Authors: Marion Santini
  • About Nexus
  • News
  • Publications


Authors: Jennifer Tweddell and Stephanie Valdez
  • Barriers to Past Investment
  • Preparing the market for scale
  • Developing commercially viable, scalable enterprises

Practical Action News

Authors: Abbie Wells, Toby Milner
Practical Action brings us their latest news on their Poor People’s Energy Outlook report, which highlights developments in how the energy usage of poor people is monitored, leading to a better... [more]


Interview with Richard H. Lawrence - Proyecto Mirador

Authors: Richard H. Lawrence
Richard Lawrence, founder of Proyecto Mirador, talks to us about how he and his family set up a cookstove project in Honduras after discovering first hand some of the awful side effects of smoke... [more]

Interview with Mansoor Hamayun - BBOXX

Authors: Mansoor Hamayun
In this Viewpoints feature we had a talk with Mansoor Hamayun, Co-Founder of BBOXX and e.quinox. He tells us how he and others set up e.quinox as students at Imperial College London, UK to help... [more]


Financing household technology projects: A tool to assess the suitability of carbon finance



Helpline Expert response by Andrew Barnett and David Fulford


Helpline Expert response by Magnus Wolfe Murray


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