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Guidelines for submission

What we are looking for

Boiling Point looks for articles which are written in simple and clear English, that contain positive information, and that can be used by other people in their own work. Do not be deterred however if you are not confident in writing, or if English is not your first language; our editorial team and peer reviewers will ensure that articles are edited with your approval before publication.

Instructions for submission

General articles can be submitted on any topic and at any time. Calls for Theme articles, with deadlines, are announced on our website and online newsletter. All articles published in this journal are done so free of charge and without payment.

Email to obtain additional information, article templates and author guidelines.

Sections of the Journal

Theme Articles

Each issue typically contains 4 to 5 full length theme articles which can include research papers, programme reports etc that are relevant to the theme topic. These are around 2000-2500 words in length. Please note: Technology based articles should be focussed on the real life application of proven technologies.

General Articles

We welcome submission of general/short articles at any time, which can cover any topic. Examples include project/programme updates, technical papers, book/report reviews, conference and workshop reports. Please note: Technology based articles should be focussed on the real life application of proven technologies.


The Toolkit section is dedicated to tools, frameworks, guidelines and methodologies related to the theme of the issue which may be useful for practitioners in the field. If you have developed or used a tool that you feel would benefit others, please send us an article on the methodology or a link to where we can find more information.


These are opinion pieces or interviews of key individuals from within and beyond the household energy sector regarding the theme topic. If you feel you or someone in your team could offer valuable insight that would benefit readers worldwide, contact us for an interview.

Help Line

Send us your own dilemma or challenge related to the theme of the issue using the forum space. Experts from the Boiling Point community will offer their advice on how the challenge at hand may be addressed, suggesting methodologies, frameworks and tips based on their experience.

Letter to the Editor

Send us your feedback and thoughts on articles published in the latest issue of Boiling Point. You will also be able to post your comments online on each article page on HEDON

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