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Issue 63

Energy Service Delivery Models


As the off-grid energy market has evolved and professionalised over recent years, there has been an increasing recognition of the need to graduate from pilot projects delivering to beneficiaries, towards marketing of reliable and affordable energy products and services to consumers.  While technologies have been refined, improved and cost-reduced over time through broader technology shifts, investment and innovation - perhaps the biggest shifts have been in terms of the business or delivery models able to reach poorer consumers.  A series of articles, interviews and toolkits in this edition from International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Raffaella Bellanca, Alix Villedrouin and Kavita Rai and colleagues, seek to analyse, structure and explain these models so that an increasing number of entrepreneurs and practitioners can apply and adapt the emerging lessons.

The articles in this edition are evidence of this, and point to ways in which clean and decentralised energy can contribute significantly to the target of Sustainable Energy for All by 2030.

- Steven Hunt, UK Department for International Development

Editorial Team

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Table of Contents

Theme Articles

Sustainable energy for the poor: Using delivery model analysis to understand and design successful interventions

Authors: Ben Garside Emma Wilson
A stronger understanding of how energy delivery models work can help investors, entrepreneurs, development practitioners and the public sector to better understand the opportunities and risks... [more]

Sustainable Energy Enterprise Development: The eco-systems approach

Authors: Sarah Alexander, Arun Patre
Local energy enterprises craft innovative approaches to deliver off- grid energy solutions based on localised contexts. Their success can be fueled by the presence of a supportive ecosystem that... [more]

On-grid electricity delivery for the poor in Africa: The case of Morocco and Ghana

Authors: Mohamed Youba Sokona
Centralised grid connections are known as the main model for increased electricity access in Africa. Those living in sparsely populated rural Africa are not being reached through this approach... [more]

Mera Goa Power: Low cost micro-grids for priority energy needs

Authors: Nikhil Jaisinghani
Mera Goa Power (MGP) is a social enterprise that builds, owns and operates solar powered micro grids in North India. Using its unique customised DC micro-grid design, MGP has expanded to over 900... [more]

Micro-grid deployment: From project development to energy access

Authors: Ranjit Deshmukh, Juan Pablo Carvallo, Daniel M. Kammen, Deepa Shinde Lounsbury, Daniel Schnitzer
Micro-grids offer tremendous opportunity to expand energy access for economic development, quality of life, and social equity. To build the best end-user experience and to encourage private sector... [more]

Decentralising the solar lighting provision: A case study of a solar lantern delivery model from Kenya

Authors: Debajit Palit Karnamadakala Rahul Sharma
The provision of clean energy services has gained significant momentum with the launch of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative. While a large number of lighting devices, with varying designs,... [more]

General Articles

Energy generation from anaerobic digestion of household waste: Proposed technology package

Authors: Dominador A. Clavejo
This study undertaken in the province of Southern Leyte, Philippines, assessed the production rate of methane gas for use as energy from an anaerobic digestion chamber. It compared three different... [more]

Heat transfer efficiency of biomass cookstoves – Examining the effects of Temperature, Mass Flow Rate, and Firepower

Authors: Daniel Joseph Zube, Morgan DeFoort, Joshua Agenbroad
Heat transfer efficiency (HTE) is identified as the parameter most likely to improve overall thermal efficiency of biomass cookstoves. Establishing a firm understanding of heat transfer as it... [more]

News Section

GIZ News

Authors: Katja Diembeck, Monika Rammelt


Authors: Karima Hirji


Interview with Raffaella Bellanca, Ewan Bloomfield and Kavita Rai, authors of DEFD

Authors: Ewan Bloomfield Kavita Rai
Delivering Energy for Development introduces issues surrounding energy poverty and the importance of energy access as a basic human need, and provides an analysis of how energy is delivered... [more]

Interview with Alix Villedrouin, Vice-President of Ticadaie S.A. Chabon Tout Bon

Authors: Raffaella Bellanca
Ticadaie is a private company that manufactures green charcoal briquettes as a fuel alternative to traditional wood charcoal. Their goal is to provide a sustainable cooking fuel alternative to the... [more]


Using the Delivery Model Canvas to analyse the Ticadaie's Delivery Model

Authors: Raffaella Bellanca, Sarah Wykes
In 2013, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) published a paper presenting an approach to designing energy... [more]

Helpline- Expert response by Robert Aitken

Authors: Robert Aitken
Creating sustainable solutions to improve people’s livelihoods in peri-urban areas and villages surrounding large cities lies at the heart of what we do in our NGO.

We traditionally... [more]

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