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Issue 68

Energy in Emergency Settings


Boiling Point 68: Energy in Emergency Settings
BP68 is the latest Boiling Point issue, launched in March 2016. In collaboration with Guest Editors, The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, and supported by The University of Nottingham, UNHCR, GIZ, MercyCorps and Chatham House, and focuses on the highly relevant topic of Energy Access in Emergency Settings.
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Table of Contents



Authors: Karima Hirji Katherine Arnold, Corinne Hart, Amare Egziabher, Betsy Lippman

Theme Articles

Clean and safe energy for cooking: Ethiopian Jigjiga refugee camps

Authors: Wubshet Tadele Tsehayu, Desalegn Getaneh
Gaia Association, an Ethiopian Resident Charity, was established in 2005 to introduce clean cooking technologies, particularly high performing ethanol fueled stoves, into the refugee camps of... [more]

Moving Energy Initiative: Estimating the global energy use of forcibly displaced people

Authors: Owen Grafham, Glada Lahn, Johanna Lehne
Protracted situations of displacement globally are at a crisis point and desperately in need of approaches that take long-term sustainability into account. Whilst political solutions for people... [more]

Safe Access to Fuel and Energy: A lifeline for refugee women and girls

Authors: Megan Gerrard
Millions of people displaced by crisis and conflict – primarily women and girls – risk their lives daily just to be able to cook a simple meal, heat their homes, and light their homes and... [more]

“With light there is more life”: Energy access for safety, health and well being in emergencies

Authors: Allison Dworschak, Shanti Kleiman
This article is focused on the impacts of access to improved ‘Tier 1’ energy products in Mercy Corps’ recent Nepal earthquake response efforts. The article presents how energy access was selected... [more]

General Articles

The Empower Project: An innovative approach to the diffusion of portable solar lanterns in rural Malwai

Authors: Arnold Juma
In his book entitled ‘Selling Solar’, Miller observes that lighting is the most essential need in the home as it enables people to see between sunset and sunrise. However, the provision of... [more]

News Section

GHE News

Authors: Karima Hirji
The latest Global Household Energy News.

University of Nottingham News

Authors: Charlotte Ray, Mike Clifford
The latest news from the University of Nottingham 'Barriers' project.

GIZ News

Authors: Reimund Hoffmann, Anna Ingwe, Anja Rohde, Gabriele Wurster-Vihuto, Caspar Priesemann, Monika Rammelt
The latest news from GIZ HERA.


Authors: Amare Egziabher, Betsy Lippman
The latest news from The UN Refugee Agency.


Authors: Katherine Arnold, Corinne Hart, Amare Egziabher, Betsy Lippman
The latest news from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.


Interview with Patrick Jacqueson, Senior Strategic Advisor, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

Authors: Karima Hirji Grace Burrows
The vast majority of people effected by emergency situations rely on agriculture for their livelihood. Often working as farmers, foresters and in similar roles, when affected by crisis, these... [more]

Interview with Alima Mohamed, Refugee Leader at The Nakivale Settlement in Uganda

Authors: Karima Hirji
The Nakivale settlement is located in the Isingiro district South West Uganda. With an area of 185 km2 consisting of three zones and 79 villages, Nakivale is the eighth largest refugee camp in the... [more]

Interview with Azam Saber, Rwanda Country Representative for UNHCR

Authors: Karima Hirji Grace Burrows
Azam Saber has worked within the UN High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR) since 1974, holding several positions including Head of Office in Ivory Coast and Kenya, Deputy Special Envoy for... [more]


SET4food guidelines on sustainable energy technologies for food utilisation in humanitarian contexts and informal settlements

Authors: Jacopo Barbieri, Marco Caniato, Emanuela Colombo
The nexus between food utilisation and sustainable energy has not been fully analysed in the context of forced displacement. Humanitarian organisations usually provide assistance to refugees and... [more]


Helpline: Expert Response by Mark van Dorp

Authors: Mark van Dorp

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