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Issue 64

Barriers to Cookstoves


Boiling Point 64 discusses barriers from many countries including Ethiopia, Haiti, India and Cambodia. First, the University of Nottingham start to unpack the wider understanding of ICS amongst different actors and begin to categorise and explain the barriers in relation to their project that aims to better understand the barriers to the introduction and uptake of ICS in Southern Africa. Other theme articles in this issue compare and contrast regional barriers, report on ICS programmes that have successfully incorporated community participation, and specifically address the role of women when addressing barriers to ICS uptake. Posed from the field, a Helpline question on testing and certifying ICS is addressed by experts from both India and Kenya, and Eco Ltd features a Stakeholder Barrier Analysis in the Toolkit section of this issue. Interviews with Kirk Smith, Professor of Global Environmental Health and HEDON Patron, and with Brady Luceno, Assistant Director of Project Gaia, sheds light on further barriers such as fuel supply, ICS standards and indoor air pollution targets.
As always, this issue also features general articles including a report on the recent Sustainable Energy for All Forum, a summary of Practical Action’s Poor People’s Energy Outlook report and a special article from South Africa’s Restio Energy on support for small businesses and entrepreneurs in energy access. Boiling Point 64 features news pages from several organisations, including the issue’s sponsors: University of Nottingham, the Alliance, StovePlus and GIZ, to whom we are extremely grateful for their support. To all of our 15 000 print copy and 21 000 online readers in over 100 different countries, we hope ‘Barriers to Cookstoves’ offers an insightful and educational exploration of the challenges and possible solutions to ICS uptake and beyond.

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Table of Contents

Theme Articles

The introduction and uptake of improved cookstoves:Making sense of engineers, social scientists, barriers, markets and participation

Authors: Mike Clifford Sarah Jewitt Charlotte Ray
Drawing on the authors’ previous experience, literature review and preliminary fieldwork, this article discusses some of the existing challenges faced when investigating improved cookstove (ICS)... [more]

Adoption of Cleaner Cookstoves

Authors: Debajit Palit Subhes C Bhattacharyya
Globally 2.6 billion people, representing around 38% of the total population, depend on solid biomass fuels to meet their basic energy needs for cooking. While rural communities are shifting to... [more]

New Modern Energy Consumers: Challenges for efficient cooking fuels in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Authors: Julia Tomei, Gabrial Anandarajah, Vibol San, Tharith Sriv, Sok Kunthy
The MECON project is investigating the design and implementation of energy efficiency policies targeting New Modern Energy CONsumers (MECON) in the Greater Mekong Subregion. Drawing on the results... [more]

A participative approach: A rural community develops, tests and adopts an improved cooking stove in India

Authors: Sandro Pampallona, Paola Bollini
Two villages of the Banjara tribal community, in rural Andhra Pradesh, India, have joined efforts to embark on a common project of experimental learning and action-oriented research, supported and... [more]

Overcoming barriers to clean cookstove and fuel adoption: Why and how women must be integrated throughout the value chain

Authors: Corinne Hart, Genevieve Macfarlane Smith
Women are critical players in the adoption and scale of clean cooking solutions. Barriers to adoption of cleaner cooking solutions start within the home and with the cooks. Without engaging the... [more]

General Articles

From Artisans to Entrepreneurs: Understanding the role of small business for energy access

Authors: Robert Aitken, Johannes Kruger
The Developing Energy Enterprises Project East Africa (DEEP EA) provides a number of crucial lessons on the nature of support needed to stimulate private sector-led energy access initiatives in... [more]

The new Sustainable Energy for All Forum: Shaping the global energy debate

Authors: Minoru Takada
Marking the two-year anniversary of the Rio+20, more than a thousand participants from governments, the private sector, civil society and international organisations gathered for the first annual... [more]

The new Poor People’s Energy Outlook: Empowering people must be central to energy access interventions

Authors: Aaron Leopold
The global community is increasingly shining a spotlight on
energy as a key component of poverty alleviation and development efforts. Illustrative of this shift is how donors, developing... [more]

News Section


Authors: Corinne Hart, Genevieve Macfarlane Smith, Rachel Mahmud, Julie Ipe

Ashden News

Authors: Anne Wheldon

GIZ News

Authors: Caspar Priesemann, Monika Rammelt

USES Network News

Authors: Ed Brown, Jon Cloke, Ben Campbell

University of Nottingham News

Authors: Charlotte Ray, Mike Clifford


Interview with Brady Luceno, Assistant Director of Project Gaia

Authors: Brady Luceno, Daniel Seals
Project Gaia is a US based non-profit that promotes clean, safe, efficient cookstoves powered by alcohol fuels. Project Gaia works in Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.... [more]

Interview with Kirk Smith, Professor of Global Environmental Health, University of California, Berkeley

Authors: Kirk Smith Mike Clifford


Toolkit- Stakeholder Analysis

Authors: Grant Ballard-Tremeer
Stakeholder analysis is a tool that is commonly used as part of the project development process and as an important input into barrier analysis. By barriers we mean obstacles that prevent movement... [more]


Helpline- Expert Response by Myra Mukulu and Priyadarshini Karve

Authors: Myra Mukulu, Priyadarshini Karve
Our organisation makes and sells improved stoves in the local community. We would like to have the performance and quality of our stoves independently verified/certified, but we have very limited... [more]

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