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Issue 199,100: Special Edition: Smoke Pollution

The message we are receiving from our contributors, as expressed in this special edition, is that the emphasis of stove programmes is changing. Many programmes now seem to recognize multiple... [more]

Issue 198,900: Special Edition 1989: Briquettes, Briquetting, Briquette Stoves

During last year the editor received several long articles, both technical and socio-economic, about biomass briquettes, briquetting and briquette stoves. There are clear signs of a resurgence of... [more]

Issue 69: Enablers to Cookstoves

In partnership with Guest Editors - the University of Nottingham's Barriers Project - BP69 looks beyond the Barriers to Cookstoves (BP64) and towards the enablers to cookstoves.

Issue 68: Energy in Emergency Settings

Boiling Point 68: Energy in Emergency Settings
BP68 is the latest Boiling Point issue, launched in March 2016. In collaboration with Guest Editors, The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves,... [more]

Issue 67: Decentralised Energy and Climate Change

Globally 1.4 billion people lack access to electricity. This is almost a fifth of the world’s population. But energy demand is rapidly increasing, driven by economic
growth and a growing... [more]

Issue 66: Women, Energy and Economic Empowerment

This issue’s theme on Women, Energy and Economic Empowerment shines light on the role of women in reaching energy products and services to the poor and ‘difficult to reach’ consumers. The issue... [more]

Issue 65: Building Inclusive energy markets

Boiling Point 'Building Inclusive Energy Markets' in partnership with Guest Editors: Shell Foundation is the global practioners' journal's 65th issue. Articles are available online below and the... [more]

Issue 64: Barriers to Cookstoves

Boiling Point 64 discusses barriers from many countries including Ethiopia, Haiti, India and Cambodia. First, the University of Nottingham start to unpack the wider understanding of ICS amongst... [more]

Issue 63: Energy Service Delivery Models

As the off-grid energy market has evolved and professionalised over recent years, there has been an increasing recognition of the need to graduate from pilot projects delivering to beneficiaries,... [more]

Issue 62: Access to Finance: Subsidies, Investments and Carbon Funding

Over the recent years, financing has become an increasingly complex topic with the emergence of so called “innovative financing mechanisms”: carbon finance, crowdfunding but also guarantees or... [more]

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