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The introduction and uptake of improved cookstoves: Making sense of engineers, social scientists, barriers, markets and participation

Authors: Mike.Clifford@nottingham.ac.uk, sarah.jewitt@nottingham.ac.uk Charlotte Ray
Issue: 64
Drawing on the authors’ previous experience, literature review and preliminary fieldwork, this
article discusses some of the existing... [more]

Adoption of Cleaner Cookstoves

Authors: debajit@india.com Subhes C Bhattacharyya
Issue: 64
Globally 2.6 billion people, representing around 38% of the total population, depend on solid biomass fuels to meet their basic energy needs for... [more]

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves News

Authors: gsmith0889@aol.com Rachel Mahmud
Issue: 69
Women’s Energy Entrepreneurship Workshop 2017: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs & Scaling Access to Energy

From Barriers to Enablers: Where next for Improved Cookstoves?

Authors: Charlotte Ray, sarah.jewitt@nottingham.ac.uk, temilade@gmail.com, Mike.Clifford@nottingham.ac.uk
Issue: 69
The ‘Barriers to the introduction and uptake of improved cookstoves (ICS) in East and Southern Africa’ is a three year research project funded by... [more]


Authors: Charlotte Ray, karabi.dutta@gmail.com, rbellanca@gmail.com, luc.severi@gmail.com
Issue: 69
Issue 64 of Boiling Point, published in 2014, was dedicated to the theme ‘Barriers to Cookstoves’. This theme was driven by an Engineering and... [more]

Enablers of strong cookstove sales through a purchase offer approach in rural Senegal – An explorative analysis

Authors: Gunther Bensch, Jörg Peters
Issue: 69
This article outlines the main results of a study in rural Senegal where households were invited to purchase simple improved biomass cookstoves in... [more]

An Interview with Paul ‘Dr TLUD’ Anderson

Authors: Mike.Clifford@nottingham.ac.uk, psanders@ilstu.edu
Issue: 69
Boiling Point guest editor, Dr. Mike Clifford speaks to
Prof.Paul Simon Anderson (a.k.a. Dr TLUD) about the
current and future... [more]


Authors: Reimund Hoffmann, Anna Ingwe, Anja Rohde, Gabriele Wurster-Vihuto
Issue: 69
Crowdfunding to unlock mini-grid development in Nigeria?
Energy access redefined: Emerging findings from the global MTF survey
New GIZ... [more]

Development of clean cooking technology for rural communities in India

Authors: Ram Chandra Pal, Vivek Jha and Manjushree Banerjee
Issue: 69
The penetration of clean fuels for cooking in rural areas in India continues to be low, with just 6.5 per cent using Liquefied Petroleum Gas... [more]

Climate finance for clean and efficient cookstoves

Authors: h.galt@climatefocus.com Szymon Mikolajczyk
Issue: 69
Depressed carbon prices have left many climate change mitigation initiatives stranded. We make the case for using the architecture of the Clean... [more]

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