For many people, the income that they generate comes from work done at the household level. The energy involved in these enterprises can be a substantial part of their household energy needs – such as for commercial baking, food processing, crop drying, producing street foods etc. Others may make a living providing energy for household use. This edition looks at ways in which energy and enterprise are related within the household context.

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Timber ban and its effect on the Himalayan rural women and rural energy

Authors: Bhaskar Sinha

Theme Editorial: Entrepreneurs by choice? - or by necessity?

Authors: Simon Dunnett

General Article

The development and marketing of Upesi stoves - a case study of successful women from West Kenya

Authors: Hellen N. Owala

Poverty reduction aspects of successful improved household stoves programmes

Authors: Mike Bess, Ottavia Mazzoni

Energy and street food vendors

Authors: Leonard Tedd, Naved Ahmed Chowdhury, Susil Liyanarachchi

Using integrated biogas technology to help poor communities in Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, Yunnan Province, China

Authors: Yin Chuntao

A chain of technologies for using sugarcane trash as a household fuel

Authors: Priyadarshini Karve, H.Y. Mahajan, R.M. Salunkhe, A.D. Karve

GTZ News- Regional planning workshop for PREDAS - July 18-20 2001

Authors: Cornelia Sepp, Andre Seidel

Brewing rural beer should be a hotter issue

Authors: Dr. Mike McCall

Options for drying on a small scale

Authors: Mike Battcock, Dr Sue Azam-Ali

Using a household energy technology to promote small scale enterprises in rural communities in Nigeria - The egaga stove experience

Authors: Joe Obueh

A biogas plant for the digestion of fresh undiluted cattle dung

Authors: M. Shyam

Increasing fuel efficiency and reducing harmful emissions in traditional cooking stoves

Authors: Dean Still, Larry Winiarski

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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