Improved household energy provision is of vital importance in the reduction of poverty. However, it has particular aspects that make it difficult to promote: many aspects are not profitable; many benefits deal with the quality of life, rather than with income generation; the amount of energy used by each household is relatively small etc. Ways must be found to inform key institutions, policy-makers, and donors of the importance of this aspect of development.

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Theme Editorial: Household energy and poverty reduction

Authors: Leonard Tedd

General Article

Getting to know the change agents

Authors: Grant Ballard-Tremeer

Strengthening NGOs and CBOs working with traditional household energy issues

Authors: Auke Koopmans

The Sustainable Urban Livelihoods Framework: a tool for looking at links between energy and poverty

Authors: Alison Bannister

Understanding the links between energy, poverty and gender

Authors: Dr Hilary Standing

Participatory approaches for alleviating indoor air pollution in rural Kenyan kitchens

Authors: Liz Bates, Nigel Bruce, Alison Doig, Stephen Gitonga

The impact of energy infrastructure projects on poverty

Authors: Rona Wilkinson

Improved stoves as a means of poverty alleviation

Authors: Didier Bazile

Indian stove programme: an insider's view - the role of society, politics, economics & education

Authors: Bhaskar Sinha

Energy efficient housing to benefit South African households

Authors: Wim Klunne

Harnessing solar stove technologies in South Africa to promote improved household energy provision

Authors: Erica de Lange, Marlett Wentzel

Promoting solar PV for poverty reduction in Bangladesh

Authors: Dipal C. Barua

Rice husk – an alternative fuel in Peru

Authors: Estela Assureira

Plant-oil cooking stove for developing countries

Authors: Elmar Stumpf, Werner Mühlbauer

What’s happening in household energy?

Authors: HEDON

The modernization of small business through the Ecostove in Nicaragua

Authors: Rogerio Miranda, Frances Tilney

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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