This edition moves on from the theme of scaling up to one component of it that is often overlooked during the life of a project. If we know something, how do we share it? A colleague once said that ‘knowledge is power, so people often keep knowledge because giving it away makes them less powerful’ – an interesting point. As the world of household energy becomes more commercialised, will it be driven solely by profit, or by sharing knowledge for the common good; can the two approaches live side by side? Somewhere the line between intellectual property rights and the common good must be drawn. We are very pleased that our authors, in this, and previous editions, have chosen to share their knowledge so that our aim to reduce poverty can be advanced through sharing this vital resource.

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Table of Contents


Who benefits from solar home systems in India?

Authors: Kunal Mehta

The gift of knowledge

Authors: Lucky Lowe

General Article

HEDON – the household energy network

Authors: Grant Ballard-Tremeer

Locally-made solar panels for small appliances

Authors: John Keane

Sharing knowledge and spreading information using the Internet: The case of the microhydropower.net web portal

Authors: Wim Klunne

Promoting solar cookers through the Solar Cookers International

Authors: Ramon Coyle

Improved cookstove technology for rural livelihoods for women

Authors: R C Pal, K S Sethi

Improved cookstove dissemination: Experience from Andhra Pradesh, India

Authors: C K Jalajakshi

GTZ HERA - Household Energy Programme

Authors: Verena Brinkmann

Household energies to improve the quality of life for rural communities

Authors: Dr. Agnes Klingshirn

Financing watermill upgrades: the business case for scaling up through banking support

Authors: B Parthan

The human and livelihoods cost of fuel-switching in Addis Ababa

Authors: Melessaw Shanko, Jonathan Rouse

Consensus reached at Rural Energy International Workshop

Authors: Madam Deng, Kirk R Smith, Xiliang Zhang

Monitoring the charcoal production of an area under a sustainable licensing system in Masindi district, Uganda

Authors: Stijn Cleemput, Caroline Moreau, Cornelia Sepp

High altitude smokeless metal stove research and development

Authors: Kanchan Rai, A. Zahnd?, J.K.Cannell

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