The effects of climate change on the poor and vulnerable is of increasing concern and focus of research. This issue of Boiling Point considers the impact of climate change on household energy choices and access. It looks at climatic pressure on land availability, weather patterns, and food security and the adaptation measures that can be made. Mitigation solutions are discussed including the success and failures of mechanisms such as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the voluntary carbon market.

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Table of Contents


A Polyethylene Dome for Biogas Plants

Authors: C.V. Krishna

The experience of Practical Action with CO2 offsetting for poor communities

Authors: teodoro.sanchez@practicalaction.org.uk

Carbon finance for clean cooking – time to grasp the opportunity

Authors: philip.mann@eci.ox.ac.uk

Theme Articles

Critique of GHG stove assessment methods

Authors: majohnso@uci.edu edwardsr@uci.edu aghilardi@oikos.unam.mx vberrueta@gira.org.mx Omar Masera

Carbon Finance for Healthy Kitchens

Authors: adam.harvey@jpmorganclimatecare.com

General Article

Credible Carbon Offsets For African Households

Authors: Dean Cooper

Marine conservation and energy efficient stoves?

Authors: Ellie La Trobe-Bateman, Heinz Vetter

Can Carbon Finance Clean Cooking?

Authors: Dick Jones

Comparison of the rate of smoke generated from the combustion of biomass fuels

Authors: John Orrin

General Articles

Health and Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Biomass and Fossil Fuel Energy Futures in Africa

Authors: rbailis@socrates.berkeley.edu mezzati@hsph.harvard.edu kammen@berkeley.edu

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