The theme of this edition is the effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of household energy projects. While often neglected, M&E is a critical component of any project as it allows a practitioner to measure the success of an intervention, whether in technical, social, economic, environmental or political terms, so that they can learn from the indicator results to improve future work.

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Theme Editorial - Monitoring and Evaluation

Authors: wendy.annecke@gvep.org

Theme Articles

So you finally bought a Combustion Analyser!

Authors: Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

Low-cost temperature loggers as stove use monitors (SUMS)

Authors: ilse@berkeley.edu nllam@berkeley.edu Eduardo Canuz, Gilberto Davila, Kirk R Smith

Stakeholders have different interests: The difference between theory and practice of M&E energy interventions

Authors: wendy.annecke@gvep.org

Monitoring and Evaluation: Experiences from the field

Authors: karabi.dutta@gmail.com

Results based monitoring in GTZ cooking energy interventions: A burden or a benefit?

Authors: verena.brinkmann@gtz.de

Monitoring and evaluation of health and socio-economic impacts: Key lessons learnt from a Household Energy & Health Project

Authors: kjagoe@liv.ac.uk h.bromley@liv.ac.uk ngb@liv.ac.uk


MandE Toolkit - Six steps to Results Based Monitoring (RBM)

Authors: Melanie Djédjé


Monitoring and evaluation case study scenario

Authors: jonathan@hedconsulting.com dana@ceihd.com david@ceihd.com firehiwotmengesha@gmail.com Sara Cornish, and Fiona Lambe, Jocelyn Roberts, Joy Clancy, and Stephen Gitonga

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