In partnership with Guest Editors - the University of Nottingham's Barriers Project - BP69 looks beyond the Barriers to Cookstoves (BP64) and towards the enablers to cookstoves.

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  • Charlotte Ray

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Authors: Charlotte Ray karabi.dutta@gmail.com rbellanca@gmail.com luc.severi@gmail.com

Theme Articles

From Barriers to Enablers: Where next for Improved Cookstoves?

Authors: Charlotte Ray sarah.jewitt@nottingham.ac.uk temilade@gmail.com Mike.Clifford@nottingham.ac.uk

Enablers of strong cookstove sales through a purchase offer approach in rural Senegal – An explorative analysis

Authors: Gunther Bensch, Jörg Peters

Development of clean cooking technology for rural communities in India

Authors: Ram Chandra Pal, Vivek Jha and Manjushree Banerjee

Climate finance for clean and efficient cookstoves

Authors: h.galt@climatefocus.com Szymon Mikolajczyk

Enablers for the value chain of improved cooking stoves through the financial mechanism of Uniones de Crédito y Ahorro in Peru

Authors: Judith Ibáñez Sánchez, Silvia Francioso

Enabling distributor financing for a demand-driven market for clean cookstoves

Authors: camilla.fulland@differgroup.com

News Section

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves News

Authors: gsmith0889@aol.com Rachel Mahmud


Authors: Reimund Hoffmann, Anna Ingwe, Anja Rohde, Gabriele Wurster-Vihuto

University of Nottingham NEWS

Authors: Charlotte Ray


An Interview with Paul ‘Dr TLUD’ Anderson

Authors: Mike.Clifford@nottingham.ac.uk psanders@ilstu.edu

An Interview with Scott A.Roy Co-founder and joint CEO of Whitten & Roy Partnership

Authors: kavitarai13@gmail.com Scott Roy


Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective (AIREC) Cooking Energy Service Decision Support Tool

Authors: Dr Priyadarshini Karve

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